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In today's complex financial world, look for a financial professional who is a certified IMCA® Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®).
Sophisticated trustees and investors recognize that the financial world's complexities call for the objectivity, experience, and expert evaluation of an investment consultant.
Selecting an investment management consultant is a challenge. Looking for one who is licensed to carry the IMCA Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation makes your choice easier.
Since 1988, the Investment Management Consultants Association has been offering the CIMA designation to experienced financial consultants who have successfully completed the extensive CIMA program of study.

The CIMA license reflects experience and education.
The IMCA Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) license is based on an investment consultant's experience and education. It denotes financial professionals who have invested their own time and resources to earn the CIMA credential.
Every investment consultant who has earned the CIMA designation has at least three years of broad experience in the field of investment management consulting, has passed an extensive background check, and has completed the demanding graduate-level program of study. Level I of the CIMA program contains extensive self-study and examination. The candidates then proceed to Level II, held either online or in a classroom, with faculty from the most prestigious business schools. Successful completion of a comprehensive final exam precedes certification. CIMA designees then must complete forty hours of continuing education every two years to maintain their licenses.
What does this rigorous certification mean to you? It means that when you work with an investment consultant who has earned the IMCA Certified Investment Management Analyst designation, you're working with someone who is the best in the field - and will remain the best.

Each Certified Investment Management Analyst must work diligently to acquire specialized knowledge.
In the world of tens of thousands of financial professionals, those who have earned the IMCA Certified Investment Management Analyst designation are exclusive. Selective admission and a demanding curriculum assure you that the consultant who is licensed to carry the CIMA designation is among an elite group that is uniquely qualified.
The CIMA curriculum has been developed by faculty from some of the top business schools. It includes study of the following:
  • Legal and regulatory environment
  • Investment policy
  • Asset allocation
  • Efficient asset selection
  • Beta coefficients
  • Measuring return on a portfolio
  • Risk measurement
  • Manager selection and due diligence - The IMCA Performance Reporting Standards
  • Performance measurement and attribution
  • Duration and convexity
  • Historical returns
  • International financial markets
  • Alternate investments
  • Ethics
  • Tax efficiency

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