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How does someone know that they will receive value for their investment in a fee only investment advisor relationship?There is a lot of misunderstanding that investors wrestle with when it comes to evaluating the merits of hiring a “fee only” investment advisor when they can get similar and hopefully honest and quality advice from an advisor who charges a commission that could be smaller than the fees.

When the trading expenses are much larger than the fee structure, then it is easy to choose the fee structure to save the money. When investors establish a pattern of trading that shows a history of repeating itself over time, then it is easy to compare costs that will compare what a fee for an annual period would be compared to similar trading expenses and commissions. If the costs are similar, then many investors will likely choose the fees since it eliminates the temptation to make an investment decision based on the fact that the investor is not going to pay more to make the next trade.

What about the idea that someone may wish to pay a fee even if their trading history shows that they would not be as much as the fee structure? Hard as it is to believe, there are still people who have such a stigma over the idea of a commission that they will actually choose the fees even given that their history is not likely to cost them as much as the fees. This might mean that there are other benefits that an investor sees by maintaining a fee only relationship with an investment advisor and not entering into an account that would charge a fee on every transaction.

There are other fee based relationships that have nothing to do with trading in the stock or bond markets. If a client had need of short term projects that could help analyze their performance or analyze their holdings as to whether their holdings reflect their religious beliefs or social concerns, then a fee relationship allows them to hire an "fee only investment advisor" for a short period of time and also have a limited exposure to the fee expense. This is the entire niche business that DLS Consulting excels, as it offers short (6 months to 1 year) consulting periods to help train investors in a specific area and then equip them to move on and function independently on their own.

Contact us if you think you might be interested in beginning a fee only investment advisor relationship with DLS Consulting.

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