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  1. Fiduciary/Compliance Audit
  2. Fee Only Investment Advisor
  3. Performance and Cost Audit
  4. Succession Planning
  5. Team Productivity Review
  6. Investment Team Consulting
  7. Asset Allocation Modeling
  8. Biblically Responsible Audit
  9. Public Speaking Engagements
  10. Corporate and Organizational Seminars to train staff
  11. Use your own imagination on how we can help your organization and contact us to see if we can help you.

FIDUCIARY & COMPLIANCE AUDIT | Request More Information
This involves a thorough review of what the directors, trustees, and investors are doing in their roles of oversight and comparing to the norms expected for these roles. A complete report on both areas of strength and weakness will be accompanied by an implementation plan to proceed independently. (Expected length of time required one year)

Fee Only Financial Adivisor | Request More Information
How does someone know that they will receive value for their investment in a fee only investment advisor relationship?There is a lot of misunderstanding that investors wrestle with when it comes to evaluating the merits of hiring a “fee only” investment advisor when they can get similar and hopefully honest and quality advice from an advisor who charges a commission that could be smaller than the fees.

PERFORMANCE & COST AUDIT | Request More Information
Analysis of all portfolios that are under the responsibility of the investor and a determination of the source of performance data that is being reported. This will include reviewing the quality of information being acted upon in relation to the provider(s) of investment services. A review will also be provided in comparing the costs stated compared to actual costs being paid. Sources for independent performance measurement may be offered depending in size and needs of each client. (Expected time required at least one year)

SUCCESSION PLANNING | Request More Information
Primarily geared toward teams in the financial services, but could be utilized in any business where an age gap exists between soon to be retiring principals and the next wave of leadership is to be groomed for succession. (Expected time required 6 months to one year)

TEAM PRODUCTIVITY REVIEW | Request More Information
Analyzing how a team functions and how the flow of work is being accomplished can be enlightening to helping improve productivity. This often happens better by having an independent outside consultant who can see the big picture without bias. (Expected time required 6 months)

Special needs of teams often require an outside consultant to provide insights on problems that cannot be resolved within the team. This is similar to the productivity review but can be related to other applications. (Expected time required 6 months to one year)

ASSET ALLOCATION MODELING | Request More Information
Determining how a portfolio is spread over asset classes is often more easily done with an outside consultant. Modern Portfolio Theory has shown that this process determines as much as 90% of a portfolio's performance. DLS can bring focus to all of the issues involved in helping to set risk strategies. (Expected time required 6 months to 1 year)

Investors who believe that they are stewards of assets that God has blessed them or their organization with will want to consider the Biblical constraints that God has placed on them to handle funds responsibly. Helping investors to know how to deal with this and how to work toward understanding their role in oversight is the goal of this service. (Expected time required 6 months to 1 year)

DLS can be engaged for corporate, public, and private meetings where investment themes and Christian World View issues are being debated in the public square. Honorariums and speaking fees will vary depending on groups involved and the topics being discussed with a value bias built in toward Christian groups. Availability is also possible for various media sources such as television, radio, or print media if topics of interest would apply. (See the "home page" for speaking topics)

SEMINARS | Request More Information
Organizations who find any of the above topics important to their work, may find that a seminar involving several people in their work area would benefit from training by DLS. Any of the topics listed above could be translated in to a seminar for group benefit. (Expected time to be determined in each situation)

WHAT DO YOU NEED? | Request More Information
The best match in offering successful services is to be able to reach an organization in such a way as to address a specific need and bring expertise and enlightenment to its members. If you are facing such a problem that is at all related to what you see in our work, let us know what that is and perhaps, we can help you to solve it. DLS will do everything possible to partner with you in the process or find someone else who may be better fitted to fulfill your needs.

The information that appears on this page is not a solicitation to buy or sell any security.

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