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Football Champions For Life!

The last reference to sports in my MMM’s to you was back on September 2, 2008 when at the start of the new college football season we highlighted Tim Tebow of Florida, and Coach Tressel at Ohio State. They both had great seasons again for their respective schools but today I wanted to bring emphasis to thousands of players who are playing their hearts out on the gridiron and also learning more about life thru the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

In this year’s BCS title game, not only will Tim be highlighted along with his Florida teammates, but Sam Bradford of Oklahoma will have a chance to share his witness in front of a national audience. Both of these teams have many strong believers who not only give their all on the field but are sincere in their efforts to share with others of the importance of their faith. In the current issue of “Sharing the Victory” magazine, FCA highlights players from many of the nations top college teams and how encouraging it is to read about them. But I remember the teams I played on and the teams that I helped to coach and inevitably, there are second and third string players who make all the difference by their enthusiasm. They practice hard, even when not able to be on the field during games. They encourage everyone around them even though they are encouraging the very players who are playing in front of them. They often attend the FCA meetings and make a difference in how they encourage the stars of the team by bringing them a sense of reality for the average person.

You can learn this same lesson in your business, family, church, or team. Learning to be a servant and hard working teammate will make everyone around you better. It will likely make you better as well. As you consider year end ministries that are making a difference, think about FCA. Why not order STV for friends and family members as a gift? Information about how to contact FCA is available at www.fca.org

For all of those fans in the stands who wave at us and let us know that they think their team is #1, perhaps learning the Biblical standard for how to be number 1 would be an eye opener!

Mark 9:35 (RSV) “… If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.”

Monday Morning Message Sent 12/8/08


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