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Big Bang in Washington, DC.

Last weekend we were thrilled to be with our grandson touring the Air & Space Museum in our nation’s capital. We think Jed was also thrilled to be with us but then grandparents always think that way. While touring one of the exhibits we ran into Dean Stelow and his family who had just moved to the DC area a few weeks earlier. Dean was our worship leader at LifePoint Church in Tampa and had just taken on a new role and was visiting the same museum with his family.

One of the venues available to visitors to Air & Space is a planetarium presentation called “Colossal Collisions”. It seemed innocent enough as we sat looking at the stars and planets overhead and the story of our galaxy and the billions of other galaxies gave way to the scientific version of the origins of our planet and of life itself. It was almost laughable to hear this version of how we exist were it not being foisted on people at our Air and Space Museum as factual. The whole idea that meteorites and particles from space crashed into our human less earth and somehow caused life forms to develop is even more absurd when you hear it explained by Robert Redford.

If people think a Creator who has brought order and beauty into being is hard to comprehend, then you would have to be even more skeptical when you listen to the “Big Bang Theory” for how we got here. It reminded me that unless you take your children to places like the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, there are few places in the public domain other than the church where Biblical truth will be taught to the next generations. I am not suggesting that you should not view the planetarium presentation even when they do not agree with Biblical truth. I am suggesting that you not check your brain at the door and allow theories to cloud out your trust and thirst for knowledge from God. Science is one more way for God to reveal his truth and his ways that are beyond the full comprehension of man!

Romans 11:33-34 (RSV) “O the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor?”

Monday Morning Message Sent 2/9/09


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