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Bear Market & Economic Trauma

 It appears that 2008, could be the year that we all start to pay the price for the excesses of easy mortgages, cheap money, and speculative excesses.  The precedent for the stock market to have predictive powers based on how the trading in January goes is well documented.  If January is a significant down month, often the rest of the year will find investors trying to scramble to try to make amends.  This time may be different but some observations from a market veteran may be helpful to you.  Here are a few thoughts about what you might experience if this market and economic performance are both in negative numbers for the next year or two:

A.  Most people will not appreciate that these times are a blessing from God. (Philippians 4:12,13)

B.  Many investors will develop a humility that reminds them that they may need help.(I Peter 3:8)

C.  Some investors will seek legal means to cover losses from their own excesses.(Prov 21: 2-3)

D.  How else can you find turnarounds unless stocks fall below their historic prices?(Matt 13:45-6)

E.  Re-aligning our priorities to remind us that our faith is in God, not in our assets!(Matt 6:33)

F.  Great time to read that book about "How much is enough"? (Money Possessions & Eternity by Randy Alcorn)

G.  Smart investors and advisors try to look beyond the valley and plan for how they wish their       portfolio and holdings will look when all the negative influences turn back into positives.       (James 1:5-6)

Always be professional and always stay positive in finding what God's will is for your life and the advice you give to others for their well being! 


Monday Morning Message Sent 1/21/08


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