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Stock Market Volatility & Contentment

Memories of the period often referred to as Black Monday always appear in print during the month of October, and this year is no exception since the 20th anniversary was commemorated with a 360 plus point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 stocks.  In 1987, that same index dropped over 20% in one day compared with Friday's 2.6% drop.  As I have related in other MMM's when clients asked my opinion in that 1987 event, my typical reaction was that I was not smart enough to have clients sell out at the market highs and I certainly don't want clients to sell at extremely low prices.  But, I would also tell clients that if our economy was in a meltdown, the market would still go down more and no one can predict that with anything other than conviction.

If the market would have the same drop today as it did on October 19, 1987, that would be a drop of 2,800 points on the DJIA and that would mean the popular index would test dropping below 11,000.   All these numbers mean some things to people close to the market, and very little to many others.  The primary motivations for all activities on Wall Street have been demoted to FEAR & GREED and after a day like Friday, Fear is in first place.  Where in the world is CONTENTMENT at a time like this?

I was reminded of where we can find contentment at the recent banquet for the new members of the Cleveland Browns Ring of Honor.  Two of the inductees Don Cockroft and Bill Glass were very close to me as fellow believers and I was thrilled to be there in person to hear them share from their heart about what is important.  After all the games are played and all the stories written, it is the simple truth of knowing that you have received the blessing from your loved ones and have given them your blessing in return that will make a real impact.  Specifically, it is most important for fathers to give their children their blessing and pass along the important messages of life to them.  Even if you have never received the same blessing yourself, it is not too late to pass your blessing on to your children and to your family!  That is CONTENTMENT, to know you are loved, and to let others know you love them! 

God Bless you this week as you think about the most important things in your life!  Think about who you need to call or talk to this week and let them know you care about them!  Trust me it works!

Sent October 22 , 2007

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