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Facing Tommorrow

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow" ...the words of that great song have been ringing in my head since last Monday, when thirty-two Virginia Tech students had their lives snuffed out by a man possessed with great evil. There are no easy answers to offer in the aftermath of such an event but the heroes and the stories of great courage are still being heard. The heartache of loss will take much longer and it will be generations before we can detach the event from the image of the school. Just imagine the way many of us still think of Kent State and associate the protests of the Viet Nam War. But I hope as time passes we will focus on the incredible students and faculty who were lost and not so much on the person responsible. I pray that we look not so much at guilt, blame, and liability but to the legacy and promise of the heroes and the survivors.

These are times when we all must learn to deal with the anger that easily lurks inside all of us and find the power of wisdom, vision, and forgiveness. What is it that God wants us to learn from even a tragedy such as this. Reminders of such places as Iraq, Sudan, and many places in the Middle East where almost daily there are suicide bombers who kill innocent people who do not deserve to die. Others are killed by lawless guerillas who are able to use weapons on helpless women and children because there is no power present except the strongest guns and explosives.

When this sense of hopelessness grips the country like it has this week, it reminds me of what it might have been like to be a disciple between the Last Supper and the day when Jesus reappeared to them. They were probably sitting around wondering if maybe the authorities would come looking for them next, and wondering why God didn't leave them a better plan for dealing with their loss. Luckily, they didn't have four news channels on their TV sets stoking the negative news 24 hours a day reminding them of the trial and execution of their Savior.

We can do this! We can face tomorrow because we know Jesus lives in our hearts and He makes it worth the living, just because He lives.

Let's all come together to find a way to help someone this week who needs a special bit of attention that only you can give. Let's allow someone to see Jesus through you this week! We all need it!

Sent April 23, 2007

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