DLS Consulting


DLS can be engaged for corporate, public, and private meetings where morally responsible investment themes and Christian World View issues are being debated in the public square. Honorariums and speaking fees will vary depending on groups involved and the topics being discussed, with a value bias built in toward Christian groups. Availability is also possible for various media sources such as television, radio, or print media if topics of interest would apply. Other Christian financial planning and Christian philanthorpy topics include:

  • Biblical Investments
  • How to be a Better Consumer of Financial Services
  • Setting up a Christian Community Foundation
  • Christian Stewardship and Estate Planning
  • Creative Ways to Leave a Legacy
  • Quantitative Examples of Specific Giving Strategies
  • Asset Allocation Modeling Using Tripot Pyramid
The information that appears on this page is not a solicitation to buy or sell any security.

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