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Holy Week, 2009

By now you realize that it is past Monday so with all due respect to the problems of a computer that is balking at working to hard, we decided to make this a Holy Week Message. My favorite story of this time of year is when our grandson Spencer was four years old and asked us "Why did Jesus have to work so hard at Easter time?" It seemed his pre-school teacher was able to share many parts of the Easter story but that didn't help him process why it was so pressure filled for our Savior.

Dying for the sins of the world cannot be easy that's for sure. But here we are 2000 some years later and we still can't help busying ourselves with stuff that really won't matter in another few years. Being grateful for how Jesus suffered as a man and took on our sins is such a hard concept to comprehend. And yet, it is the simplicity of it all that makes it so amazing. You don't have to earn millions or be a famous media star to be accepted into God's good graces. You can't go on enough mission trips; or preach enough sermons; or feed enough hungry people to equal the blood of Jesus and His resurrection.

If you missed reading this on Monday Morning, the message of the empty tomb is that Jesus is gone from the tomb to conquer death. Don't be afraid to share that Good News everywhere you are placed by God!

John 10:10 (RSV) "The thief comes only to steal and Kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

Monday Morning Message Sent 4/6/09


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