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When I started my career at Merrill Lynch, Dwight was my mentor and Manager. My family had known Dwight as a neighbor and member of our church, and being able to work with him was a big plus in my development as an investment professional at Merrill Lynch.
When we became partners in 1988, I really started to see an investment discipline in action. Dwight's dedication to his investment process and asset allocation strategies translated into competitive returns for our clients, while keeping their risk parameters below equity market levels.
One of Dwight's most successful contributions to client education and service was the development of an asset allocation system called Triport Systems. The Triport Systems Asset Allocation program assisted clients in understanding all of their investments and the risks they were taking in an attempt to obtain a desired return on their investments. Dwight was a great teacher and with Triport Systems as a tool, he could help clients understand their total investment picture. This investment manager to investor relationship fulfilled a personal passion for Dwight; to be the steward of clients' investments and financial goals.
Dwight's success in the financial and investment services arena is driven by his pride and guided by his integrity. His 35 years of investment experience and training in different market and economic environments gives him the advantage to provide investment counsel and assist in the fiduciary responsibilities of money management. His life experience as a teacher, husband, father and Christian provides a moral backbone of honesty and trust.

Thomas C. Melter, Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch
Many years ago, approaching retirement as CEO of a Small Cap, NYSE listed company, and needing estate planning guidance, an associate introduced me to Dwight Short, Vice President, Private Client Group, Merill Lynch. With practically all my assets in company stock, under his guidance, a program of gradual diversification was undertaken.
Over a period of approximately 20 years, a relationship and friendship developed that goes beyond an estate planner/client association. His financial expertise, overall knowledge of all phases of wealth management, his absolute integrity and people skills allow me to offer an unqualified recommendation.
Henry G. Piper
As a Certified Public Accountant for over 32 years I have had the fortune to deal with many professionals during my career. Public trust is extremely important in my profession and the business community.
As part of my responsibility to clients I am requested to provide recommendations of individuals who maintain a high level of ethic standards not only in their business life, but also in their personal life. These standards have been demonstrated more than once by Dwight Short.
We live in world of distrust, and my profession requires me to look at people and business that may cross that line called ethic behavior. Mr. Short has always demonstrated a high level of integrity and responsibility. I have witnessed his abilities as a board member, advisor, and broker during my career. Credentials are something that Mr. Short has provided to many, but honesty and trustworthiness is something manifested that clients and associates will mention first about this individual.
I would recommend if you or your organization are considering an advisor who will provide you with honest and straightforward responses and suggestions, you cannot go wrong with Dwight Short.
Robert Torok, CPA

I have had the joy of knowing Dwight Short for almost 20 years. I first met him as we both volunteered to serve with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) in NE Ohio. I’ll never forget discovering that we had the same hero, the fine Christian gentleman Bobby Richardson of the late 50s and early 60s Yankees. A few years later, I had the opportunity to serve with Dwight on the Board of the Cleveland chapter of FCA. In serving with Dwight on that board, I quickly learned that he is truly a wise, passionate, gracious, committed, generous leader of leaders.
My respect for Dwight has continued to grow and grow over the years. Imagine my joy in discovering that he and his wife, Marlene, were seeking membership at the church I serve!
Dwight and Marlene have earned the trust and respect of our church family. I think of Dwight as my trusted friend and confidant. My questions for Dwight are always answered promptly and carefully. Many, many times over the years, I have asked him for advice concerning personal issues, stewardship matters, and ministry direction. I truly listen when Dwight shares his heart and insights with me.
I have seen Dwight lead short-term overseas mission teams, counsel hurting people, establish new stewardship opportunities, and serve in a wide variety of ministry settings, including our small group ministry. He does all this, and more, with a wit and wisdom and grace that is rare today.
I know for a fact that Dwight spends time cultivating His relationship with the Lord. His spiritual insights are often profound. Dwight has an obvious love and affection for his wife, his children, and his grandchildren. He cares in practical ways for those who are less fortunate. He delights in sharing what He has learned. He is a bridge-builder who takes pleasure in connecting people with people. He facilitates the building of God’s kingdom in a wide variety of ways.
Dwight started his career as a basketball coach. Then God led him to a career at Merrill Lynch. But in a very profound way, he never really left coaching. That’s his heart. I’ve seen it up close. He is an excellent coach for people spiritually, emotionally, relationally, as well as financially. Personally, I am proud to call him “coach.”
Rick Duncan, Sr. Pastor, Cuyahoga Valley Church

Dwight served as an advisor to our Board of Trustee Investor Committee from 1994 to 2005. During this time, he was instrumental to the college's successful management of our endowed funds. Dwight's expertise in developing an investment policy and installing independent performance measures was key to the growth we have experienced in our endowment funds.
He assisted in establishing a cost efficient investment management approach that helps us meet our two-fold needs from the endowment: long term growth of the corpus while supporting the annual operating budget needs of the college. Defiance College recognizes the support Dwight provided to help us "Be The Difference."
Lois McCullough, CPA, VP for Finance & Management, Defiance College

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