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Thanks to many of you who sent a myriad of responses to last week’s MMM that centered on praying for all of our young people who are returning to school this fall and specifically on Tim Tebow. For those who missed the Sports Illustrated article on Tim, here is the internet version for you (thanks to Rick Duncan for sharing with me):


As for the preparation for our basketball mission team to France, we thank the Lord for all of the blessings we have seen in the people who have stepped up to be part of the team. Many division I and top division II players along with dribbling great Sherri Odlevak will be playing and performing for us. Our player/coach/captain on the floor who has recruited the players, Brad Mann has been fantastic and his organization can be viewed online at www.livin-the-dream.com For all of you who are on our prayer team, the players names are Walter Bethea; Mark Wampler; Mike Watson; Terrance Dopson; Greg McDivitt; Alden Smith; Ben Gaskins; Pieter DeWildt; and Mike Meriwether. Yes, the economic conditions have been challenging and we are still praying for support for some of our players who still need help. We leave for France on September 1, and will be playing in Paris, Lyon, and Valence. Our long time Campus Crusader for Christ who has been our guiding force is Frenchman Gerard Lanniee and he will be accompanying us to all of our venues as our interpreter. Mike Zaubi and I will be coaching with our Bibles and our clipboard. Hit “reply” to this MMM if you would like more information on how you might help.

Finally, many of you have asked about the status of the book on Biblically Responsible Investing that I wrote over the past two years and thought might be published by now. The book has not been picked up yet by a publisher and your prayers about the next steps for how God will use that would be most appreciated. The movement toward allowing investors more access to influence the corporate world is a timely event and one that Christians could be taking advantage of to score great Kingdom Gains! Thanks for each of you and all you are doing for the Lord’s work!

John 14:6 (RSV) “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me”

Monday Morning Message Sent 8/10/09


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