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Renee Powell, Profile In Courage.

On the last Saturday of August in East Canton, Ohio, there is an annual golf tournament at Clearview Golf Club hosted by Renee Powell. Renee captained the Ohio State golf team and played on the LPGA tour for 13 years and has been an ambassador for golf around the world. She has championed junior golf and worked with young women to inspire many of them to play the game. But the most incredible thing about the August event is the number of retired professional athletes who attend and participate in the tournament.

In addition to teaching thousands of young people to play the game, she has also been a friend to so many athletes who did not grow up in a country club environment and yet have wanted to learn to play golf. Hall of Famer, Leroy Kelly leads a convey each year from Baltimore and vows to never miss the event. Don Cockroft, who lives in the Canton area, is a steady player along with regular host Al Jenkins. Franco Harris has become a regular the past few years just to show how incredible an event this is that can have a harmonious gathering with both Browns and Steelers. All are there because of Renee and her family’s legacy of giving to others.

It is hard to describe Renee’s Christian witness without including her 92 year young father, William Powell. Mr. Powell’s legacy was that he built Clearview from the ground up by the sweat of his brow and considerable financial sacrifice. Renee has had a servant mentality to help others ever since she saw this trait in both of her parents. This is the only tournament I know where the professional athletes turn out in greater numbers than the average duffers. When you can observe two generations living out a life of sacrifice, fancy words and great oratory are not needed. Why not Google both Renee Powell; and William Powell and find out for yourself what examples of courage look like. Better yet, why not set the last Saturday of August, 2010 aside and attend the event yourself?

Luke 14:8 (NIV) “When someone invites you to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor, for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited.”

Monday Morning Message Sent 8/31/09


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