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Christmas... A Simple But Extraordinary Act Of Kindness!

The financial advisor had just landed in her home city on a cold and snowy evening and she was anxious to get home to see her family. She noticed an elderly couple who were getting off the plane at the same time and they were carrying tattered paper bags of what appeared to contain their clothing. There was no winter clothing however and she wondered how they would survive bitter temperatures that were below freezing. As they seemed confused, she asked if they needed help. She was able to point them toward baggage claim and ground transportation.

Neither of them spoke any English but the man did have an address written out that clearly was their destination. She kindly pointed them toward the taxi stand and moved along herself to get her luggage and taxi to her own home to see her husband and kids. When she arrived at the taxi stand there was a lot of noise and arguing about moving the taxi that seemed stuck at the head of the line. The driver refused to move and demanded that the people in his taxi get out of his cab! He had determined that this slovenly dressed couple had no money and he was not about to go sliding around on slick streets only to be bagged by two old people who couldn’t pay. They were cold frightened and had no idea why people were yelling at them.

The woman walked to the head of the line and asked the cabbie how much the fare would be to this address that the man was clutching dearly in his fist? Even though the cabbie was right, they had no money on them, she gave the driver double what his estimate was and asked him to take them to their relative’s home. As far as she knows, this story had a happy ending but the moral is clear. There are times when you are so helpless and so alone in this world, that only the hand of God thru a helping hand of a “friend” will get you home.

Christmas is a lot like that! God gave us a gift that we cannot explain and we cannot fully comprehend. Getting “home” is dependant on us to accept His gift! Whenever you can, think of this financial advisor who gave without expecting anything back. She also gave when it was crucial for the people who needed help. She also did it when most people had no idea who she was or why she would help people she did not know. Think about how you can find someone close by who is in need of help and allow yourself to be God’s hands in reaching out to them.

Ephesians 2:8-9 (RSV) “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God, not because of works, lest any man should boast.”

I pray you will accept this gift if you haven’t done so already!

Monday Morning Message Sent 12/22/08


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