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It will take some getting used to but the new name for all the members of CFPN will be Kingdom Advisors.  This announcement was made this past week in Atlanta, at the annual conference for what used to be the Christian Financial Professionals Network.  With the advent of so many different designations and acronyms for professional organizations, the leadership spent a great deal of time working on a name and title for our group that was both descriptive and reflective of the long term goals and objectives of our membership. 

When Ron Blue announced the new name and all the meaning behind the rollout, he also shared his vision for where Kingdom Advisors is headed.  From a small group of sixteen people in 2002, the membership is now over 1200 people and is among the fastest growing groups of financial advisors in the country.  This event marked the third annual convention and indications of efforts to reach all sectors of the financial industry were re-emphasized.  If you are a member of the financial services community but have not joined in this movement, I urge you to consider NOW as the best time to reconsider and start your affiliation as soon as possible.  Think about this… we were able to have the following people share with us this past week:

  • Ron Blue
  • Crawford Loritts
  • Andy Stanley
  • Chip Ingram
  • Rusty Leonard
  • Ken Boa
  • Howard Dayton
  • Patrick Johnson

Add to that 450 other Christian advisors who are willing to share together and I cannot imagine how you could make a better investment than to be part of Kingdom Advisors. 

If you are an investor and wish to know about how to find a Kingdom Advisor in your area, you can still do a search thru the old website at www.cfpn.org until the new website goes into effect in late March early April. 

One of the insights gained this past week:  “God has placed you on a big playing field, He expects big plays!”  In the aftermath of the Super Bowl, it’s a great reminder that Christians can have a chance to make big plays everyday thru their kindness and generosity.  I hope you can find many ways to score this week! 


Sent February 12, 2007

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