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Moses Gets a Mulligan

Have you ever lost your temper in righteous indignation?  I mean you were on the right side of the issue and someone crossed your path the wrong way and set you off!  That’s usually when we say something we regret or throw something that gets broke or we might actually hurt ourselves or someone around us as we throw a tantrum.  I’ve had football coaches who worked to prepare their teams and did everything they could but the players didn’t do any of the things right during the game.  Some of those coaches have been known to smash lockers, drinking fountains, and anything else that might get in their way to let off steam from righteous indignation.  

In golf when you hit a bad shot, there is a concept known as a mulligan.  That means that you get to hit the shot again and pretend that you never even hit the first shot.  Word has it that when some of our Presidents are on the golf course, it’s been rumored that some of them take as many as five or six mulligans in a round.  When filmmakers are shooting scenes in a movie, if it doesn’t go right, they will get several more “takes” to redo the scene until it comes out right.  So we have many precedents for mulligans.

In my reading the Bible thru in a year, I recently have been spending time in the Old Testament reviewing all the stories that I learned long ago.  I forgot some of the lessons that are there such as when Moses came down from Mt. Sinai after a seven day encounter with God when he revealed the 10 Commandments.  In just the week he was huddled with God, the people rebelled and started worshipping a golden calf.  Moses was so upset, he slammed the tablets on the ground and they were broken into many pieces.  He blew up at the people in their stupidity and clamor for idols and punishes them according to God’s instructions.

Then God said, make some new tablets and bring them back up the mountain and we will start again to get the tablets redone.  Moses spent the next 40 days on the top of the mountain reuniting with God. 

Perhaps you are in need of a mulligan from God.  This is the time of year on the Christian calendar when lent begins and you may have some New Years resolutions that are already broken.  You may have relationships that are busted and could even be your fault.  You may have made some mistakes that cost you and others financially or emotionally.  God has a history of giving mulligans.  You do need to know that he has a formula for the mulligan… I John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

If you need a mulligan today, don’t be afraid to claim God’s promise.  We are all there! 


Sent February 26, 2007

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