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Super Bowl & Time To Forget All The Problems.

Most of the parties are over by now and the plates of food and the cheering for a team that has nothing do with TARP or bailout is over. January is even over and it seems like only yesterday it was Christmas and we were counting New Year’s resolutions. A new week with no more football for awhile and we can all understand what it feels like to live in Detroit or Cleveland. (The no football part)

I am happy to report to you after last week’s MMM about Mr. Thain’s 1.2MM decorating budget that he may have read the MMM on Sunday night and by Monday morning, word got out that he had decided to re-imburse the company for all of that expense. My thanks to him for a brief sobering move to bring a sense of responsibility to the table even if it is small relative to the 15 billion in bonuses. This may be the first steps by a CEO or former CEO to take the Zacchaeus approach to repentance.

When Jesus saw this slight business man sitting in a tree to hear what Jesus had to say, Jesus called him out and asked him to come down out of the tree. The people were aghast that Jesus would even give the time of day to a man who had taken so much from others. You see Zacheous collected taxes in such an aggressive manner that he could pocket a few extra dollars above what was required and the Romans thought of him as a shrewd partner. But Jesus saw him as someone who was seeking help! So much so that he would climb up a tree to just listen to his words.

My hero in this story is Zacchaeus’s wife! Can you imagine showing up at home for dinner with the Son of God; the creator of the universe? With no warning or extra prep time, a meal is served and a new disciple is won to the cause. This is the famous dinner that finds Zacchaeus so penitent that he wants to return 10 times the amount he overcharged. Now that’s a penitent moment! Are you up a tree right now and searching for help? Are you ready to invite Jesus into your home to hear His solutions to your needs? Why not start that daily Bible reading and see if you don’t find some Zacchaeus moments?

Luke 16:14 (RSV) “The Pharisees, who were lovers of money, heard all this, and they scoffed at him. But he said to them, “you are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts; for what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God.’

Monday Morning Message Sent 2/2/09


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