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This is the theme for the CFPN conference in Atlanta, on February 6-9, and it promises to be a wonderful time of hearing great speakers and renewing our efforts to help people in their walk with the Lord.  My experience in many ministries such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or Youth for Christ has been to take the ministry right to the heart of the campus of the schools and help provide a witness to as many who would hear.  But the corporate world is a little different and the idea of bringing a witness to the marketplace or into the workplace presents many challenges. 

So today I’m asking for your help in offering you a chance to tell me what it is that would make a difference for you if you could see just one change or just one additional influence.  Would it be the presence of someone who could be a catalyst or would it be a resource that would offer a new way of doing things.  Perhaps you would rather not have your workplace become a source for spiritual growth.

The reason I am asking for your help is because I believer it is important to try to gear the programs of organizations to be relevant.  The leaders of CFPN and NACFC are constantly trying to get their programs in line with the needs of people in the marketplace.  So, please:

  • What needs do you see that Christians in your organization would benefit from if there were resources extended to bring more information to you?
  • Would you find it helpful to have planning tools that are geared around Christian principles?
  • What type of consulting roles would you like to have brought to you or your team?
  • When you attend conferences, what is the most valuable part of the experience for you?

Thanks for any and all input! 

Congrats to Tony Dungy for always being a solid witness and all the Lord will allow him to do as one of the coaches in the Super Bowl! 

Sent January 22, 2007

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