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Tour De France (Basketball Version)

Many of you have been asking about the progress we are making in forming the team to go to France to share the Gospel thru the medium of basketball. The answer is that the team is coming together quite well and we have been receiving confirmations from French National teams in Paris, Lyon, and Valence to arrange competitions. In addition, we will be privileged to visit prisons; present clinics to kids; participate in a wheelchair basketball promotion; and share before many audiences at our games.

Our team will have experienced college and professional players who will be competing at a very high level. Since these young men have families, jobs, and local responsibilities, they are arranging to juggle their schedules from many different parts of their lives to be part of our team. The visionary for this project is a man who has had a heart for all of Europe for many years, Mike Zaubi from the The Chapel in Akron. He has seen the importance of sports ministries and how effective they can be in reaching people for Christ and has shared this passion for the people of France with everyone he meets. Our team is scheduled for events from September 1, thru September 11, and we hope you will pray for our safety and success.

You may wonder how we have recruited players for such high level competition. You would want to know that Brad Mann, who is a pastor at West Side Family Church in Kansas City, has been our point man in that process. I encourage you to visit his website for the basketball program that he has founded called Living the Dream (www.livin-the-dream.com). He will be one of our ten players and we will also have two women from the ministry called Dribble 4 Destiny as part of the team. Sherri Oldevak and Lisa Cobb have been mesmerizing audiences for many years and they will be doing our half time shows and demonstrations during our clinics as well. You can visit their website as well at www.Dribble4Destiny.org and see how their ministry will fit into our outreach in France.

While we have been praying that the Lord will prepare the hearts of those who will see and hear our witness, we have also been in prayer and study ourselves to prepare our hearts to be an open vessel. Some of the players could use help financially to cover their expenses and we would love to be able to help our ministry partners there who work for Campus Crusade for Christ. If you feel lead to help our team in any way, please feel free to reply to todays MMM and we will help you to do that!

John 6:40 (NIV) “For my Father’s will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in Him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day.”

Monday Morning Message Sent 7/13/09


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