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This past week while all the world was vacationing, watching fireworks, or roasting hot dogs, it was revealed in several news stories that Donald Trump's casinos and several other properties appeared to be in financial difficulty.  If ever there is a character that seems to have people in awe of his life and business acumen, "The Donald" gets almost as much publicity as an unmentioned female model who just completed some jail time.  Who could ever imagine the two words "You're Fired" would carry such importance that people would clamor for his presence and approval.

We do that in the world of investing as well when it comes to schmoozing with people who have big bucks and we somehow feel by hangin' with the wealthy that it will somehow rub off on us.  Listen to talk shows and they drop names of important people that everyone covets being in their circle of friends.  Go to your church and see how the "important people" are treated compared to the first time visitor.  Drop in to a fancy restaurant and see how the big tippers will find the best tables.  Attend a sports event and of course the community giants are sitting in their loges. 

The Bible warns us in so many places to watch out for this behavior as it is not God's plan to treat people this way whether studying the Old or New Testament.  Consider this:

Psalms 146: 1-10  (note verses 3 & 4)  Don't follow princes and mortal men whose plans will come to an end when they die.  In some cases their plans come to an end even while they are still living.

Matthew 19: 16-23 (The rich young ruler) Even though he had observed all the religious laws and teachings, he was still hung up on his wealth.  We may find that eye of the needle harder to get thru than we thought!

If Jesus came to help those who are lost, maybe we could hang out and help some of those same people as well!    dls


Sent July 9, 2007

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