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Are You On The Right Path?

By this time your NCAA brackets are already a mess and you are wondering what new shockers will hit the newswires this week. If itís not one Ponzi scheme here, itís a market meltdown there. The government has announced many programs to help hurting people but the foreclosure rates keep climbing and the jobs keep disappearing. The darkness of winter will soon give way to spring and once again we will be reminded that serving God is new every day! If it seems hard for you to be excited every day, you have a lot of company. The Bibles characters were human just like us and had to deal with disappointments and trial just like us.

We are reminded in so many ways that getting things or getting our way will not sustain us for very long and we will always be disappointed with things after we have them for a short time. Even significant events such as graduation are followed by the realities of the work a day world. Weddings are followed by learning to work together and live together with a stranger. Birthdays are followed by creaking bones and aching muscles that remind us that each birthday makes us older and wears out our earthly shells. New puppies are followed by cleaning up and grooming those fun-loving little balls of fluff. So, what is the secret to feeling like you are on the right path in life?

King David gave us many answers in the Psalms. In our colloquial language, we talk about the journey being more important than the destination. For Christians, that does confuse us as we long for and point to heaven as our destination but without guidance for the journey, we become just as vulnerable as the non-believer. Could it be that the joy of discipline and obedience could sustain and encourage us? Try it this week as you get back on the path of quiet time in the Lordís Word and time on your knees talking with the Creator of the Universe. God wants to talk with you! Do you have time???

Psalm 119:175-176 (NIV) ďLet me live that I may praise you, and may your laws sustain me. I have strayed like a lost sheep. Seek your servant, for I have not forgotten your commands.Ē

Monday Morning Message Sent 3/23/09


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