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False Start Penalty

In football, one of the most common penalties is the false start penalty.  This is usually the result of someone being overly anxious to get into the play and anticipates the quarterback's signal by starting too soon.  Sometimes this penalty is the result of not hearing the quarterback's signal clearly because the noise of the crowd is so loud that the players can't hear their leader and they start to move on their own impulse instead of their signal caller.  There are other times that the player who jumps off side will do so because they lose their focus and stop concentrating on the basics of waiting for the right snap count because they actually forget what the correct snap count really is.  Surprisingly, it even happens that the quarterback himself, will forget the right snap count and think he is supposed to go on "one" when he actually called "two" in the huddle.

There is also the player who doesn't listen very well and the QB calls the right signal and everyone else goes but the player who is not paying attention is still stuck in his 3 point stance while all of his teammates are moving forward.  This is not a false start penalty but by not listening and paying attention, the team gets penalized because players are stuck in their ready position but don't go anywhere because they are not responding to their leader's call to action.

Fans are especially brutal on players who commit this foul because it often can kill momentum and it seems like the easiest thing to do to wait until the quarterback gives the right command and everyone moves together at one time.  Have you ever been part of a team that had someone who always wanted to do things on their time table or their idea of the best time to start something?  Have you ever been involved in a group that couldn't keep up with your idea of how fast to move on issues?  Have you ever been in a church where some people wanted to start doing something now and you thought a little more time spent deliberating would be desirable?

The Bible talks a lot about false start penalties.You may remember all the references in the Gospel of John about where the author recorded many instances of impatience on the part of the disciples when they wanted to see Jesus take charge NOW!  DO IT NOW! JUST DO IT!, says the Nike commercial.  But the Bible keeps saying "His time has not yet come". Isn't it wonderful when we can listen and know the Lord's will about when and how to move, and then to actually move on HIS cadence and not ours. 

Many of you are starting a new effort to join a small group at your church or begin a new Bible study effort on your own.The timing to do this is perfect!  The time to check in with your QB and see what signals he is calling in your life is perfect if you are choosing today! Behold, today is the day of salvation.  Today is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Today is the day to break the huddle and get ready for what the Lord wants to do in your life!  Are you listening for the signal caller's cadence and the right count to start what God is calling you to do?


Sent November 5, 2007

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