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Why Didn't I Think To Say That?

I often find myself in the company of strangers whether on the golf course when matched up with people who I have never met before, or in lines waiting to place a fast food order or do my banking. I try to block out other people's conversations but sometimes it is just impossible to avoid hearing things that can be upsetting. Recently, I heard some people equating Evangelical Christians to the same level of evil as radical Muslims since both groups tend to think they are right about the fate of man and their need for redemption. There are more than a few people who have verbalized this accusation about Christians being as dangerous as Muslims to our future and they have warned of trying to avoid being part of any religious movement other than atheism.

It was the following week that I started reading the book by Robert Spencer called Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't. He is quick to remind readers that in the last 15 years, the US has funded more relief efforts to Muslim interests such as in the Balkans, Somalia, Pakistan, and mostly Muslim populated areas affected by the tsunami. No such reciprocity took place during Katrina. The book attempts to restate some simple facts: "Christianity is a true religion of peace and on it Western civilization stands."

Why is it so hard for me to be informed enough to counter the most determined enemies of my faith when these confrontations take place in our day to day encounters? It may be that I am confusing my frustrations with the war in Iraq and the political leaders who use the media to manipulate events to their favor, rather than to embrace the Word of God and listen to the plans that God has for my life as He reveals them thru study in the Bible. Do you remember what happened to Peter when they captured Jesus just prior to the authorities' decision to send Jesus to the Cross of Calvary? Peter denied having anything to do with Jesus on three back to back conversations just like I did when I ignored standing up for my faith among my friends.

This week, don't fall asleep on the job; don't desert your faith; and don't be ashamed to stand your ground when you hear the name of Jesus and Christians falsely used in the same tone! That is my maximum use of "don'ts" for the year! dls 


Sent November 12 , 2007

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