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Do You Try to Fool God?  

It's amazing the things I say and the things I hear that upon reflection make me think that we all must believe that God is not really on top of his game.  Just a few hours after I shared a MMM about vengeance is something to be left in the hands of Lord, I ventured out on the freeways and cast eternal damnation on several people who were passing me from illegal lanes.  Later that week, I decided to relax and go play golf and found myself behind three of the most deliberate (slow) players who were oblivious to time and figured all who played behind them wanted to spend six or seven hours on the golf course.  I formulated a place for them too!

Even though most people would consider me a patient person and a caring person, there is still part of our being that is captured in the flesh and the old spirit that existed before we knew Christ as our Savior.  The crazy thing is we know this does not please God and we do the things we don't want to do anyway!  Think about some of these attempts we make to fool God:

1.   Surveys show that 10% to 15% of Christians say they tithe, but actual analysis shows that less than 5% actually tithe... the fooler:  we must think that God cannot count

2.   The jokes that we hear in places where it seems we are alone and ok to repeat to others even though many times they are off color and obnoxious... the fooler:  God cannot hear us

3.   Websites that bring pornography into our homes and seem to some like a victimless sin if a sin at all... the fooler:  Don't worry, I can handle it and anyway God doesn't know I'm watching this

4.   It is really important for me to have that new car, house, dress, suit, ( you fill in the blank) because it will help me be a better witness... the fooler:  God cannot see our hearts or intentions

This week in your quiet time, I would ask you to spend several minutes in quiet solitude just asking God to be real with you about the things you have been trying to fool Him on.  Try to be transparent in your openness with God and ask him to search your heart for the things he wants to bring to light so you can move forward and not be foolish!  Have a great week!   dls

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Sent October 1 , 2007

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