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President Bush Receives Recognition for Medical Breakthrough

Crain's Cleveland Business Magazine and CBS's Sixty Minutes both ran an article and an episode about the breakthrough taking place at the Cleveland Clinic on adult stem cell applications. This is beyond "research" and actually in the application phase albeit experimental to say the least. A woman, whose bones would not heal under normal treatment methods, was restored to normal activities after implanting adult stem cells in her collarbone. Several other patients are in early phase treatment for maladies that show significant signs of positive healing and the Cord Blood Center in Warrensville Hts., Ohio, (a suburb of Cleveland) is starting to accumulate a significant cross section of stem cells from the placenta of babies that are born in Cleveland Clinic facilities.

Many of us have been fortunate to know of a man named Matt Staver, an attorney who formed a group known as Liberty Counsel, who has represented Christians all over the country who have needed his legal expertise. But even more impressive, it was Matt who led the charge at many conferences to talk about the importance of adult stem cell research and it's potential. This news is validation for visionaries like Matt who have talked about adult stem cells as a source of great medical potential. The dream of the Cord Center in Ohio is that anyone who needs adult stem cells in the future will have a chance to find a match as the center keeps accumulating more and more deposits. In the words of Dr. Marcus Tower, "every time someone is born, someone could be cured of cancer."

Actually, the title of this MMM is wrong! President Bush was not honored and not recognized for any of this. Neither was Matt Staver! Their messages about adult stem cell research were not received kindly in many places and indeed they were criticized much more than applauded. Here is one place that their fervor, vision, and passion have not been missed. Thank you both!

Monday Morning Message Sent 4/21/08


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