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Kingdom Advisors Conference, Atlanta 2008

This years KA conference was the largest gathering ever and the mix of financial advisors from all walks of life and many different firms was the most diverse as well.  There has been a concerted effort put forth to bring more advisors into the organization who work at large broker dealers and the efforts of the entire KA staff have started to be evident in this regard.  Testimonies from many sources included people from Merrill Lynch, UBS, Ameriprise, and many other large firms.  The majority of the 1300 plus  members of Kingdom Advisors are still part of much smaller firms but their message is all the same… namely to make one’s practice into their ministry.

Past conferences like this have always included great speakers and this one was no exception.  One of the speakers who made a lasting impression was Ellen Vaughn.  You may have read some of her books including the recent best seller on the lives of country and western star Alan Jackson and his ex-wife Denise.  Ellen has written several books but her message to us centered on our concept and use of “time”.  In fact, I highly recommend the book, Time Peace, Living here and Now with a Timeless God.  How could she make this simplistic of notions interesting, you ask?

The title itself is a reminder of what a gift we have from God in knowing that our time is limited but without full knowledge of how long that will be.  Because we serve a God who cares about us, it stands to reason that he will both monitor how we use our time and open ideas to us about how to fill our time.  If the book is anything like the humorous and thoughtful message she shared, we can all gain some insights into how the worlds of science, theology, and a mom all can intersect to offer perspective to a time stressed world.  This week when you say, “I just don’t have time”, stop and think what that really means.


Monday Morning Message Sent 2/11/08


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