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Yankee Flipper & Other Time Wasters

Thanks to my wife for catching a major mistake in last week’s MMM.  I indicated that in the current best selling book by Ellen Vaughn about the relationship of Alan and Denise Jackson that I referred to her as his ex-wife.  As you will find if you read the book, they were separated; at odds with each other for some time; and now are back together again and happily married.  The book in fact is a great testimony to the power of God joining a relationship where one plus one can equal 3 if God is in it.  My apologies for the error in indicating that Denise was an “EX-wife”.

If you had a chance to check out some of Ellen’s other books you will find she brings unique insights for Christians as she explores many subjects that go far beyond theology and right into everyday experiences.  I mentioned that I am just starting her book on Time Peace and during her talk to our Kingdom Advisors conference she introduced us to a website that I would love to share with you www.yankeeflipper.com  This name appealed to me right away as I thought it might be a place to watch baseball players who were being flipped from a team that is hardly my favorite.  To my surprise, this website is even better than that because it is the name of a bird feeder that repels squirrels.  If you have ever watched in vain when you devised every possible way to keep the squirrels away from your bird feeder, this site is for you.  Go ahead watch the video!  It’s a blast to see the squirrels spin off the feeder and keep coming back for more. 

Yes, for many this may be a waste of time.  But if you laughed as much as I did when watching this short video, then it is one more way to get through another tough day in a lousy market.  Come to think of it, the market is closed today and you will probably not read this until Tuesday, but whatever day it is, keep it light, and remember to have some fun and enjoy the journey even when it is a little bumpy.   

 Psalm 59:8

Monday Morning Message Sent 2/18/08


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