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Super Bowl, Super Hype

Could this be the year that a modern NFL team goes undefeated for the entire regular season and also wins all their playoff games to be crowned the winner of professional football's biggest prize?  The game between New England and the New York Giants has dominated this week's sports news.  As you think about the outcome of Super Bowl 42 or "XLII" as it has been Roman Numeralized to emphasize the importance of this eventful day, perhaps a bit of perspective would be useful.

Is the Super Bowl all that important?  Here is a little quiz for you.  Can you tell me the two teams that played in the last 5 super bowls?  Can you tell me the winner of each game without looking it up on www.superbowl.com? Can you tell who was the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in each of the last 5 games?  Can you even remember the teams that played in last year's Super Bowl?  Is anyone else old enough to remember why the Super Bowl even exists?  As Soloman explained in Ecclesiastes, all of this is vanity.  Ecc 1:14 " I have seen everything that is done under the sun; and behold all is vanity and a striving after wind.  What is crooked cannot be made straight, and what is lacking cannot be numbered."  It is hard to remember insignificant things because they lack the weight of importance in the grand scheme of life and eternity.  And yet, the Super Bowl has become all consuming to our society.  The money spent on tickets, parties,advertising, entertaining, and of course on betting is now in the billions!

As you reflect on the priorities of your life, consider the amount of time you spend in reading your Bible and in prayer.  Is this fair to compare your personal devotional time to the hoopla of a Super Bowl?  Is it fair to compare substance to the superficial?  Is it fair to compare the time we spend watching all of our favorite sporting events, television shows, and recreation activities with spending time with the creator of the universe who wants to relate to you in your personal space?  I think it is because all of this added to our busy schedules tends to squeeze God into smaller and smaller time compartments of our life.  One year from today, you will probably not remember that the New England Patriots and the New York Giants played in Super Bowl 42.  But you might remember a truth about God that you learned while spending some quiet time alone.  Here is a great idea from my friend Glenn Repple about how to spend some of your time:

The process is very important. I have tried many times to read the Bible through in a year. It was not until I purchased the One Year Bible that I was able to complete this amazing live changing experience. I tried using online readings which is attached below. I tried to use my own Bible and read cover to cover. In 2005 Pat Morley challenged a group of men to read the One Year Bible. This finally was the process which gave me success. The One Year Bible breaks up the reading into daily bite size readings. This is my third year reading the Bible entirely through and am beginning now in October reading through the Bible for the third time. This same challenge I would like to pass on to each of you for 2008. Start now, early and you will have a higher degree of success of completion in 2008.  Let me know if you need help finding the One Year Bible.

Monday Morning Message Sent 2/4/08


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