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Don't Be Odd, Be Different

When I was at a youth rally many years ago, one of the ministers who I found great wisdom in his teaching gave us the motto of “Don’t be odd, be different” if you want to be an effective Christian.

This came to mind this past week when it was announced that several of the extremists in Iraq were killed in attacks mounted by our combined forces. How does a Christian “celebrate” these events which are centered on the death of one of our arch enemies? Jesus explains that we are to be different in many ways especially when it comes to dealing with our enemies. Matthew 5: 43-45, leads us to believe that our Savior would have us love and bless those who curse you and do good to those who hate you.

Perhaps that is where we are as a country trying to offer freedom and self determination to a country that has never considered that choice a high priority and it seems so obvious to us that we want to do the right thing for them but their resistance is hard to fathom. Only by trying to understand the mind of committed Muslims can we also love them in the way that Jesus has instructed us to love our Iraqi brothers and sisters.

This week as you encounter people who think differently from you, take a little extra time to find out why they think the way they do. It might make it easier for you to pray for them and understand their position. You can always reserve their right to be wrong after thoroughly and sincerely considering why they believe what they believe.

Sent June 12, 2006

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