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Working Hard?

Our oldest grandson Spencer was just completing his first year of nursery school and he would often have questions about a variety of issues.  One such time was when we returned home from a trip just before the Easter holiday and we called Spence to see how he was doing.  Out of nowhere came this question for the grandparents:  “Hey grandpa, how come Jesus had to work so hard at Easter?” 

Frankly, we were counting on a little less complex conversation than this but as we tried to figure out where this question came from, we were delighted to see how his three year old logic was working.  His observation that we were all about preparing for meals and fun and egg hunts, while the Biblical story of Easter saw his hero carrying a heavy cross; absorbing beatings; and then dying on a wooden cross.  All that and then having to come back from the dead to change the world forever does seem rather daunting compared to most of our plans for Easter.  What a thrill for us to have our grandson ask this most incredible question and for us to have a chance to answer him and share the most important truth of our lifetime.

Yes, Jesus did choose to work pretty hard during Easter.  Aren’t you glad HE did?

Monday Morning Message Sent 3/24/08


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