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What makes us choose the course we follow? This question came home to me last night in watching LeBron drive to the hoop when it appeared that there was no path to the basket and very little time left in the game. His basketball instincts are incredible of course and God wants to train you in your choices to strive to please Him in the very same way. This is taken for granted in our daily work as we pick an investment track for a client or as we guide and discipline our children, or as we choose our priorities in using our time.

The advantage we have over LeBron, is that God has chosen us even when we don’t choose wisely. More often than not, our bad choices result when we wander away from God’s Word and try to go it alone with our own understanding and forget to consult the Master in all these matters. Why not start a new wrinkle this spring and summer as you change your pattern to include regular quiet time and study in the Word for your decision making. Just think about how LeBron cruised around the opposition and got to the goal even when it looked impossible. I’ll be praying for you!

The reason I am a little early this week is that I am being honored at Defiance College this weekend with an honorary doctorate for the service and work we have tried to do there. It is a great honor and I decided even though they offered to send it to me in absentia, I was blown away by the honor and decided to fly in on the weekend to be there personally. So, say a pray for me to have the right words to share at the Sunday, commencement. Look forward to seeing you all soon! dls

Sent in May 2006

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