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Monday Morning Message for Memorial Day 2006

In my re-orientation to being back in Ohio, my technology expertise takes a little longer than it used to since I no longer can rely on my partners and staff to help me make these things work. You who are part of this electronic movement are my heroes when it comes to figuring out the big and small stuff of what makes these things so useful. My pastor, Rick Duncan talked recently about how to pick up a podcast and do this and that on the web and it reminded me of how I used to think of older people who wouldn't or couldn't pick up new things. Now I am one of the primary members of that class!

The reference Rick was making had to do with all the information that is now circulating about the DaVinci Code. Neither Marlene nor I have read the book, and we have chosen not to see the movie and if I were challenged by someone with whom I was sharing my faith and they had doubts based on the DaVinci Code, I would certainly get more up to date and see it and read it. If you have not visited some of the websites available to Christians to ferret out the truth from fiction don't hesitate to go to www.davinciquest.org and also recommend it to family and friends. This site was developed by the people with the Josh McDowell ministries and is very well done. The challenge for all of us is to think about how well grounded we are in our faith and can a book written for secular profit and a movie cause us to be shaken?

This Memorial Day, not only pray for our troops and those who are wounded in hospital beds around the globe, but I would challenge you to find some unique way to serve our soldiers. When you see a soldier in a restaurant, ask your waitress or waiter if you can pick up their meal.send a card or letter to someone serving overseas and ask if there is anything we can do for their outfit.(last year a friend collected almost 1,000 golf balls and sent them for the troops to hit in the desert of Iraq.perhaps helping paint or fix up a house for a family whose father is in the service and will not be home for awhile. let me know if you have some stories to share about things you are doing! God Bless!

Have a great start to summer, 2006! dls

Sent May 25, 2006

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