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Glenville High School and Ohio State University

The aftermath of Ohio State’s victory over Michigan in what many call the game of the century continued to underline the presence of several outstanding players who came from the inner city high school of Cleveland Glenville.  There are many reasons why people will point out the quality of players and how they have been nurtured, trained, and coached by Ted Ginn, Sr. and without question Coach Ginn is a passionate and committed individual. 

He has spent many hours of each day keeping countless numbers of kids on the straight and narrow while also finding creative ways to send as many of his players and students to college.  This is not to discount other great coaches such as Matt Cinchar and the rest of Glenville’s staff who work day in and day out to keep their kids focused on the right things.  They also send large numbers of their players to FCA and sports camps that emphasize the importance of faith in their lives.

Before Coach Ginn, there were many who have worked to see kids in tough neighborhoods succeed.  Pastor Joe Abraham from Scranton Road Bible Church was also one of the people who was helping out in the 1970’s at Glenville and challenged then Cleveland Brown’s head coach, Sam Rutigliano to consider coming to the school and sharing with some of the tougher kids in the school and he accepted the challenge and spent one day of every week for several months each year in helping encourage kids to look to something outside of their own experience to believe in themselves. Frank Stretar who still helps out the Glenville staff has also been involved with Coach Ginn since the late 70’s and early 80’s as an assistant coach, and spiritual leader from Frank’s days as the FCA local director. 

When you see the success of Troy Smith and Ted Ginn, Jr. you cannot help but tip your hat to these young men for their accomplishments on the field, but it is also a good time to remember that they are products of many people behind the scenes who have helped to teach these young men about the important things of life. 

You might send a thank you note to your local high school or youth league coach who you see making a difference for young people in your community.  You might also send a letter of thanks to your high school or college coach and thank them for what they have meant to you and for having a positive impact in your life as well as others. 

That is my Thanksgiving prayer of thanks to my coaches, pastors, and teachers who have gone the extra mile for me! 

Sent November 20, 2006

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