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Volunteering for the Fellowship Of Christian Atheletes

Many years ago as I was first starting to serve as a volunteer on the FCA board of Cleveland and NE Ohio, I was asked to help recruit high school athletes to attend our summer conferences. This was often a difficult assignment as the kids were inclined to want to get their summer jobs lined up and make some money before football started in August. I was teaching in the Berea City Schools at that time and so I decided to try to use funds offered to us from the local Kiwanis Clubs inside my own school system.

It was great to have some coaches recommend 2 outstanding young men to me from the wrestling team and the quarterback from the football team. As the kids sat in my family room asking questions about the conference, I wondered if either of them would ever decide to attend and after an hour or so of questions and concerns, both young men decided to go to the conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The wrestler went on to have a great high school career and went into his family’s business and grew greatly in his faith.

The quarterback ended up learning a lot about himself and his spiritual journey took a giant change for the better as he dedicated his life to Christ, and when he came back home, his parents and family all noticed the difference in his walk and re-dedicated their lives to Christ. He went on to play several years at Baldwin Wallace College, and later became a rather successful coach at the collegiate level. It was my pleasure to see that young man this past weekend when traveling to Columbus to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes beat up on my alma mater BGSU. That QB was indeed one Jimmy Tressel, who is now “Coach Tressel” and the leader of the nations #1 team.

When you are asked to help out at your local chapter of the FCA, Young Life, Campus Life, or local church youth group, just say yes, because you never know who you are helping to develop into one of tomorrow’s leaders. Tell your pastor, or school leaders that you would like to give them a hand in volunteering… they’re waiting for you to step up.

Don’t forget to schedule the CFPN/ NACFC local branch meeting on Tuesday, October 17, at CVC at Wallings and I-77, into your schedule. Better yet, why not invite a friend or colleague who you think would enjoy attending and bring both you and your friend! We begin at 7:30 am and are out by 9:00 so you will not miss out on your day. God Bless you and your family!

Sent October 9, 2006

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