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You Will Never Make Money Being Negative

Starting out in the brokerage community back in the early 70’s, survival was the first priority as the turnover back then was unbelievable. More than half of our training classes would be burned out of the industry in less than 4 years during those bear market years of 1970, to 1980. Talk is always cheap in the board room and keys to success were abounding even then in how to catch lightning in a bottle and become rich while seeing if you could avoid being burned by the lightning.

On one such late afternoon when the market had closed and we were taking a break before starting the evening of phone calls, one of the veterans who had survived and was actually succeeding in a difficult environment offered the title of today’s MMM for all of us to chew on. He was not part of management and he was not the rah rah type of guy who glad handed people but his point really started to stick with me.

I thought of this gentleman this last week when the Dow Jones Industrials hit an all time high and I wondered how many of you and your clients have benefited from this most recent rise in the large cap segment of the market? It was very hard in those early days to be overly optimistic because our clients hadn’t really made much money in stocks for many years and high interest rates meant that most of the real returns were made then in double digit interest rates in bonds.

But the really big returns our clients earned were the ones who stayed for the long term in stocks and when this very same Dow Jones Ind Avg went from 1000 to 10000 from 1981, to 2000, $100,000 became more than $1,000,000 if you just matched the market. If you are having a hard time staying positive, just think about where you and your clients will be in 10 (ten) years if you can stay positive and a normal market period by historical standards takes place from 2006, thru 2016?

If this works in the stock market, what about your Christian witness and how God wants to use you in the environment the Lord has placed you in? Do you suppose people will be interested in knowing more about Jesus if they see a negative and moody employee in the office? Do you think people will be interested in knowing more about the redeeming love of Jesus if you do not have positive solutions for your own life?

This is a great time to think about your business image and your Christian image and search and pray that you will know God’s will for helping you with both areas of your life! Is “authentic” a description that people would use to describe your business practices and your faith?

Have a great week and enjoy the warm fall days this week!

Sent October 16, 2006

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