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Just Grow Up !

When I learned how to trash talk with my teammates as an athlete growing up in Northwest Ohio, I never thought the day would come when the people who run for our highest offices would be taking this skill to another level. I for one am tired of the annoying sounds of half truth and innuendo known as political “ads”.

Meanwhile, our country is in the midst of a war that has few positive outcomes apparent at this time; an economy that has great strength in some quarters but huge inequities for many people and very little useful dialogue going on with our candidates to bring resolutions.

This reminds me of the Biblical precedent that was present in ancient Israel when the people persisted in calling upon God to give them a king. They believed their problems would be solved if only they could have someone they called “king” just as their secular neighbors could do. Naturally, we know that this was a short lived solution as the kings often brought as many problems with them as they solved.

Is it any wonder that the same abuse of power still exists today with our leaders as have been observed for centuries. That absolute power corrupts absolutely can still be seen in our politicians and their ties to wealthy lobbyists, corporate executives who stack their compensation committees with friends who will also help boost salaries and stock options to multi-million dollar levels.

If you are running for office, it is a good time to think about the source of your power… God is the source of all aspects of life and its goodness. As a voter, it is a good time to look at the source of power of the candidates you wish to vote into office. Not only should you hear a candidate talk about their faith, but you should be able to see the results of that faith journey in their performance and track record.

God bless you all as you cast your votes for the best candidate you can discern thru prayer and study. I guess that’s what it means to grow up…expect that what you hear is often not believable unless the source is as reliable as the Word of God.

Sent October 30, 2006

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