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Where Are You ?

We all remember where we were five (5) years ago today. We are fixed on the idea that these events have anniversary dates just as they are memories and only to be remembered. It is obvious that this day started much before that fatal day of September 11, 2001. The planning and preparations that the hijackers employed along with their leaders were in the works for many days before this attack. Their fervor and passion to destroy our way of life because of our dissimilarity to the ways of Islam can only be viewed as a direct attack on all of us as we in America believe in the rights of all people to believe as they believe. So, I ask you what do you believe?

When we hope that the Islamic world will eventually be drawn to freedoms such as we take for granted, there is little hope that our democratic ways and capitalistic systems will be an attraction for replacing their narrow and pragmatic world. Do the whims of an Islamic imam in a far away country, or the agendas of terrorists who wish to affect political outcomes have anything to do with your day to day thinking? It seems when we go through airport security; or when we watch the news out of Iraq; or worse yet when we hear about a soldier returning from active duty and they have suffered the ravages of war, we get a tiny message. That message… it will never be the same!!! What do we do as individuals given this unpredictable and volatile world we live in?

As our enemies in this war have declared unconditionally that the only truce that is acceptable is our conversion to Islam, it is time for all of us who call ourselves Christian to recommit our lives to Christ and draw closer to Him! There is nothing that we can do that will compare to our own sincere faith journey that draws us to our Lord and that must include spending our days with time in the Bible and on our knees in prayer. The great song about worship describes what I believe is our best plan for our individual lives:

“When I come into His presence, I humble myself, I lift up both my arms and I begin to worship Him…”

Where are you in your walk with Jesus? There is nothing like a passionate committed life that sets an example to the world.Where are you?


Sent September 11, 2006

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