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A few years ago, I was reading the latest edition World Vision News, and the President, Richard Stearns listed how easy it is for those of us in the modern world to forget our blessings.  His list showed how we might be able to identify with those impoverished around the world and around the corner.  Maybe you can understand as well?  Suppose we take these things away from you:


  1. First we take your clothes.  Not all of them, you can keep the clothes on your back
  2. Next we take your electricity.  No refrigerator, television, computer, lights, or air conditioning!  In other words, anything you have plugged in!
  3. No clean water.  There is a stagnant waterhole about a mile away feel free to take a container there to get some water.
  4. Next we take your home!  (Actually, some have experienced this thru foreclosure)
  5. We now take all of your food.  It shouldn’t matter since you have no fridge anyway.  But you can pick thru your neighbor’s garbage if you like.
  6. Now we take away your healthcare.  ( I know, some might email me to tell me  that this has happened for real)… I mean NO healthcare!
  7. Last we take away your HOPE!


That didn’t take too long did it?  Poverty and hopelessness is both distant and remote possibilities for most of us.  Many are inclined to avoid thinking about it as well because it can eat away at our comfort zone.  This week, I was once again reminded of a simple thing that I take for granted… clean clothes. Thanks to the ministry known as Laundry Love www.just4one.org  you can see what can happen when just one act of love can actually restore HOPE!  What are you doing to help restore hope for others? 


Romans 12:12-13 (RSV) “Rejoice in your hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints, practice hospitality.”

Monday Morning Message Sent 4/12/10


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