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Bill Glass talks about how often he has looked into the eyes of prison inmates and tried to make sense out of lives that have gone astray.  He has tried to trace things like drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, and all manner of sinful temptations as a common source of the root cause for the plight of prisoners.  None of those maladies comes close to answering why people end up in prisons according to Bill compared to the hatred that inmates carry for their fathers. 

Men for some reason have had a difficult time adjusting to the emotional and spiritual needs of their families in this generation.  “Sadly, many of us never have received a blessing from our earthy father.”  The balance between having strong expectations for our children, and also conveying to them that they are loved unconditionally makes fathering a full time contact sport.  Add to that the movement by fringe groups in the feminist movement that are trying to eliminate fathers from their families and being a “Dad” gets even more challenging.  By the way, most studies being done do not agree that children are better off with a donor but without a dad.  Even when death and illness remove a parent, having other family members help assume those roles can make all the difference!

No matter what has transpired between parents and children, it is never too late to convey the important messages that will make an eternal difference in each life.  If your father or mother is no longer alive to hear your appreciative sentiments, your Heavenly Father is available 24/7 and He still loves to hear from you.  Do you need to talk with someone this week and let them know that you wish to give them the “blessing” that has been missing in their life?  Happy Fathers Day!

Psalm 118:26 (NIV) “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  From the house of the Lord we bless you.” 

Monday Morning Message Sent 6/21/10


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