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Use the terms Christian, born again, evangelical, and in some circles you get smirks and doubts about the character of the person wearing the label.  Don’t worry that those of us who call ourselves believers know that we are all struggling sinners just like all the rest, but the world does expect more from us because the Word of God indicates that when we accept Christ we are changed.  The fact that we are not to be comparing our faith to other believers but only to the model of Jesus alone is forgotten in all of this. The secular world could care less about that when it is easy to point to those who have fallen.

As I thought about another brother in the Lord who recently resigned over an infidelity issue, it struck me that there must be ways we can fight back in showing the world that we are different.  Here are some possibilities to start with some small things:
1. Make sure to let people into traffic (this includes leaving church)
2. Take at least two (2) shopping carts back into the store when you arrive
3. Pick up the tab for at least two soldiers, policemen, or civil servants
4. Ask a pastor, teacher, or priest out to lunch 
5. Talk to one of your neighbors you have never met & find out about their life
6. Attend a church in your community that you have never been to before
7. Pick up other peoples’ litter & trash on the sidewalk or on the street
8. Find the person that seems the most down trodden and talk with them
9. Contact a nursing home and ask if they could use readers
10. Wash a car; repair a toy; see a problem and solve it for someone!

This week I ask that you choose to do one or two of these things and report back to me in the next few weeks about what happened to you and those you touched. I promise to keep all names and events private!  Many of you do these things and more all the time, but they will not get reported unless we document your work and actions.  I believe the world will see Jesus thru your life and thru your actions!  As my friend Mike says, “Let your light so shine!”

John 1:4-5 (RSV) “In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

Monday Morning Message Sent 5/24/10


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